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Encouraging Faith Theological University offer degrees in Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates in Christian Education, Theology, Counseling and Biblical Studies for students seeking academic advancement and preparation for professional service in Christian Ministry. EFTU was founded as a sister institution of Hebron Bible Institute located in Ocala, Florida. With administrative headquarters in Ocala, Florida, the institution specifically offers flexible and affordable distance/online education in a variety of delivery methods.

Encouraging Faith Theological University online education program provides on-the-go students with the mobility and flexibility to earn a Associate´s, bachelor´s, master´s or doctorate degree. EFTU online programs are dedicated to providing students with a quality education while incorporating a Christian worldview in its curriculum. Through friendly formats and convenient scheduling, EFTU Online allows you to pursue a degree through live stream. You will also find confidence in knowing that you have constant personal support from EFTU staff and frequent interaction with your professors.

Our degree programs at EFTU provides students with a Biblical foundation for life and for ministry. At the heart of our degree programs at EFTU is the conviction that the Bible is God´s Word and that it is the final authority for faith (what we believe about God) and life (how we are called to live). In light of this, all courses are taught from the view that the Bible is God´s revealed truth and that it is relevant for our lives. In addition to this commitment to the Bible as the Word of God, the major´s designed for students to grow academically in their knowledge of God´s Word, spiritually in their relationships with Jesus Christ, and practically in their preparation for ministry.


Encouraging Faith Theological University is a global christian university utilizing Live Streaming and Social Media for the purpose of educating students globally, enabling our graduates to lead lives as Christ-minded servants throughout the world.


We believe that God´s Word alone is sufficient to develop the whole person. EFTU is an institution of higher learning where the Bible is central in preparing men and women for ministry to serve Christ and His Church through Biblical thought and Christian life.

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