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The contents of this catalog for Encouraging Faith Theological University (EFTU) have been compiled and organized to provide enrolled and prospective students with a broad overview of the programs and policies of EFTU. Enrolled students may use this catalog as a student handbook. It is as current and complete as permited.

All information contained in this catalog is subject to change without prior notice by the officials of EFTU. The catalog does not constitute an agreement between the University and its students.

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Biblical Exposition

Interpreting the scriptures for effective and faithful biblical interpretation with emphasis on researching and writing exegetical class assignments.

Biblical Language

Introducing the student to the Grammer and the Exegesis of the language and a foundation to interpret scripture.

Old Testament Studies

An intense study of the Old Testament books (Poetry books, Divided Kingdom, Major Prophets).

New Testament Studies

Addresses theological topics one by one (e.g. God, Sin, Humanity) and summarizes all the biblical teachings on each particular subject.

Systematic Theology

Addresses theological topics one by one (e.g. God, Sin, Humanity) and summarizes all the biblical teachings on each particular subject.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling addresses the heart as the source of our human actions and reactions using the wisdom of the Bible to restore us.

World Missions

This course will prepare you to evangelize locally or across the globe as well as teach in private schools or within the church.

Media Technology

This course will review the basics of professional video production and live streaming which include: titles, overlays, recording, controllers, audio, graphics and much more.

Encouraging Faith Theological University

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Encouraging Faith Theological University offer degrees in Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates in Christian Education, Theology, Counseling and Biblical Studies for students seeking academic advancement and preparation for professional service in Christian Ministry. EFTU was founded as a sister institution of Hebron Bible Institute located in Ocala, Florida. With administrative headquarters in Ocala, Florida, the institution specifically offers flexible and affordable distance/online education in a variety of delivery methods.

Encouraging Faith Theological University online education program provides on-the-go students with the mobility and flexibility to earn an Associate´s, bachelor´s, master´s or doctorate degree. EFTU online programs are dedicated to providing students with a quality education while incorporating a Christian worldview in its curriculum. Through friendly formats and convenient scheduling, EFTU Online allows you to pursue a degree through live stream. You will also find confidence in knowing that you have constant personal support from EFTU staff and frequent interaction with your professors.

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As an fully accredited Christian University with a global view and online courses, we at Encouraging Faith Theological University offers you an education that is challenging.

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